The Blue Mill Group provides technology consulting along with independent research and development (R&D) to assist clients in transforming innovative technical concepts and research results into new market-leading products for communications, networking, defense, and computing.

Often starting from just a promising technology result, or an emerging market opportunity, the Blue Mill Group will help a client refine a rough concept into a complete new product or service offer definition, and create an actionable development plan that leads to a successful commercial launch.

The Blue Mill Group provides a range of services to manage and accelerate technology commercialization and augment a client's internal resources. See the Services page for more details.

The Blue Mill Group has particular R&D expertise in software and digital/analog hardware design for embedded systems. These capabilities are directly applicable to a wide range of products and markets.

Recent Blue Mill Group engagements have served clients from the commercial communications and defense/intelligence sectors, and the venture capital community.